Actuate/Resonate (2018)
large ensemble with electronics

Lines on Black (2018)
for voice, flute, violin, saxophone, piano, percussion, and electronics

binary/momentary iii (2018)
cello and electronics

for Delia Derbyshire (2018)
bass, guitar, and electronics

Matrix for George Lewis (2017)
2 electronic silent brass trombones

Seven Systems (2015)
2 piano, 2 percussion quartet with electronic playback and actuated snares

binary/momentary logics: flow state/joy state (2016)
String quartet

binary/momentary ii: flow state/joy state (2017)
Trumpet, 2 trombones, piano, and percussion

delay/line (2016)
Flute and delay line

Points Against Fields (2015)
Bassoon and playback

Broken Symmetries (2012)
Violin soloist, feedback electronics, flute, tenor saxophone, piano, and percussion

Chain Reactions/Five Events (2013)
String quartet and live electronics

Machine Language (2012)
Percussion soloist, 2 percussion, 2 violins, 2 bass clarinets, accordion, and fixed sine tones

MODULES (2014)
Brass quartet, percussion, analog synthesizer, and live electronics

hydra (2015)
Violin, piano, fixed media, and live electronics

Four Sixes (2014)
Percussion Sextet

Sixty Cycles (2013)
Sopranino saxophone soloist, feedback televisions, violin, and cello

Portraits/Self Portraits (2011)
Violin soloist with large ensemble

ATD V (2010)
Saxophone and electronics soloists with small ensemble

Tile Mosaic (after Chagall) (2010)
Two pianos, two percussion, and resonant pails

Standing Waves (2009)
Medium sized ensemble and electronics

Matrices (2009)
Percussion trio and electronics

7:6 (2006, rev. 2010)
Distorted, amplified cello

Lyra (2007 rev. 2010)
Amplified string quartet

Signal Flow (2009)
Percussion quartet and electronics

Distorted, amplified cello and drumset

American Tokyo Daydream IV (data structures/monoliths) (2007)
Saxophones, electric guitar, and accordion

A Circle of 8 in a Prime of Primes for Sara (31), by Sam (29)
Sheng, pipa, suona, handbell choir, and live electronics

American Tokyo Daydream III (The Surprise) (2006)
Piano, string quaret, and live electronics

noise + mobile (2005)
Piano and electronic playback

Portrats/Self Portraits

PortraitsView the Complete Score

I) Jim Altieri with a Ring Modulator Circuit
II) Peter Evans with Analysis/Resynthesis and other Live-Processing Techniques

Portraits/Self-Portraits is a re-imagining and re-orchestration of the sounds and processes found on sum and difference, an album featuring Peter Evans, Jim Altieri, and me on laptop. After working on this album in the fall of 2010, these were the sounds in my head, so I decided it would be wise to follow my brain where it wanted to go and make instrumental versions of these electro-acoustic tracks. In general the sounds you will hear are impressions of sounds on the album - it would be nearly impossible to find one to one correspondences. Yet, there are some exceptions. The violin part of Jim Altieri... is a direct transcription of Jim's playing, which I transcribed with Jim's help and could never have written without him. The trumpet part at the opening and closing of Peter Evans... is very close to some of Peter's playing on the album, and in general the brass writing is deeply inspired by his playing. This piece is dedicated to Jim and Peter, without whose sheer musicianship and sick senses of humor this music would not be possible.

Recording of Jim Altieri with a Ring Modulator Circuit:

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