Wet Ink: 20 - Wet Ink's third album celebrates our 20th anniversary. It features large ensemble works by me, Kate Soper, Alex Mincek, Eric Wubbels, Katherine Young, and Anthony Braxton.
Broken Symmetries - My second portrait album as a composer includes pieces written between 2012 and 2016. It is released on Carrier Records and is only available in digital download!
Engage - Josh Modney's epic 3 CD set of virtuosic violin shredding. This album features my work Jem Altieri with a Ring Modulator Circuit. This album was named one of the top Contemporary Classical albums of the year by Bandcamp.
Phantom Images - This collection from Huddersfield Contemporary Records features a duo between me and incredible vocalist Charmaine Lee. This is one of my best duo recordings. There are also works by Katherine Young, Chris Mercer, and Aaron Cassidy.
Serpentines - Ingrid Laubrock put together a killer band for this record. Ingrid is an incredible composer, and people were also given a lot of space to improvise. I love this record.
Genesis - Peter Evans Quintet recorded our third album on our 2015 European tour. This live album captures the energy and insanity of a live Quintet gig.
Yarn/Wire Currents 3 - Yarn/Wire recorded the third volume of their Currents series of recordings at EMPAC in Troy, NY. The album features my work Seven Systems, as well as incredible works by Mark Fell and David Bird.
Seven - A live recording of Evan Parker's USA Electro-Acoustic Ensemble from the Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville in 2014.
Destination Void - This beautiful and intense album was pristinely recorded up at EMPAC in Troy, NY.
Event Horizon was released in October 2014. This is an album of live performances in my duo formation with Peter Evans. It was recorded live in Toronto and at Wesleyan University in the fall of 2013.
Archaea is exlusiveOr's second album. Jeff Snyder and I recorded these analog synth/laptop duos at Princeton in the Winter/Spring of 2013. Out on LP and MP3. This is Carrier's first vinyl release!
Rocket Science was recorded live at the Vortex in London in May of 2012. Rocket Science is Evan Parker, Peter Evans, Craig Taborn, and Sam Pluta.
RELAY is Wet Ink's second album, featuring my piece ATD V. It also has amazing works by George Lewis, Rick Burkhardt, Eric Wubbels, Kate Soper, and Alex Mincek.
Machine Language is a solo album of my compositions, written and recorded over six years; with performances by Mivos Quartet, TimeTable Percussion, Wet Ink Ensemble, Ian Antonio, and Jessie Marino.
sum and difference is an album of collaborative improvisational compositions for laptop and instrument, developed over the past year between myself, on laptop, and instrumentalists Peter Evans and Jim Altieri.
Ghosts is the first release by the electro-acoustic jazz quintet, The Peter Evans Quintet. This album has some seriously heavy playing on it.
Yarn/Wire recently released their group's first album featuring compositions for two pianists and two percussionists by Eric Wubbels, Alex Mincek, David Franzson, Kate Soper, Aaron Einbond, Mei-Fang Lin, and myself.
Glissando Bin Laden's "Drone Level Orange" covers three years of group improvisations by Jim Altieri, Caroline Mallonee, Meighan Stoops, Alex Ness, and myself. This music is a unique mix of drones, microtones, tunes and electronics that could only come from such a diverse group of musicians.
Wet Ink Ensemble
Wet Ink Ensemble's self-titled debut release has just come out on Carrier Records, my new label with Jeff Snyder here in New York. This contains my work American Tokyo Daydream IV (data structures/monoliths).
the language of
"the language of is an essential purchase, not only for its DIY approach, but because it contains a variety of exciting, well executed compositions." - Jeremy Podgursky, Sequenza21. Available on quietdesign records in Austin, TX.
exlusiveOr's self-titled debut is available from quietdesign records in Austin, TX! This is a truly unique album of tracks made with the Buchla 100/200 and Serge vintage synthesizers.
Resonance: Steel Pan in the 21st Century is a compilation of composers making electronic music with steel pan samples. I have a piece on this CD under the guise of Mr. Glitch and also acted as recording engineer for the project.
Ready for Japan
Ready for Japan released our solo album in 2006. This album has a couple of classics, including "Mr Glitch Meets GlitchBot" and "Revenge of GlitchBot."
I have two pieces featured on the 60x60 CD series: "Singular Explosion" and "Jonty's Acousmatic Tube Ride"
SEAMUS ElectroClips
I was a winner of SEAMUS's 20th Anniversary competition for electro-clips with "Russell Wields His Presidential Gavel." I have no idea how you get this CD.